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PAI vs Olmec Seline884107
I want a vagina most but not all of the time, no genital dysphoriaLeahJoFoxtrot17443
I’m having Sigmoid SRS Dr Sutin Seline8817367
GCS with Dr. Bluebond-Langner?SaphRose191
Navigating Insurance for GRS?SaphRose186
GRS with Dr. Sherman Leis?SaphRose5200
Anxiety over v-ectomySeptagonScars5133
Dr. Maurice Garcia Results? msforest13356
Seeking knowledgeShdwrunner10195
insurance for srs in MASS?sfbarbie3110
(MTF) SRS scheduled in a month with Dr. Crane...have I chosen the right surgeon?luminous1012164
Anyone have MTF GRS with Dr. Sukit or Dr. Manrique in Rochester MNBajanTsGyal1116
SCIP Flap Phalloplasty with Dr. Rian Maercks (Miami, FL)– A Great OptionCecil Darin8222
Am I going to be alright? 7 months post op Dr. BrassardIamsosara3366
SRS At PAI Institute in BangkokDany2203
Waking up with blood 3 & 1/2 weeks Post-Op SRSPostOpGirl20175320
Labia Minorasarahla4414
Does getting orchiectomy cause problems with vaginoplasty later?EmmaLoo6545
SEEKING SURGEON - What I'm looking for...nightingale958409
This is Me Making the Big Leap...nightingale953199
SRS - Dr. BrassardDawn1113687
Dugi resultsfelixtemin1515
GCS with Dr Rachael Bluebond-Langner on Nov-02-2017 at NYU Langone Healthenigma191310
SRS surgeons with payment plans?lilapthatsme2317
Got an appointment with Rumer for SRS, but now I'm freaking outnovumdiex94487
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