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Waking up with blood 3 & 1/2 weeks Post-Op SRSPostOpGirl20174159
Labia Minorasarahla4276
Does getting orchiectomy cause problems with vaginoplasty later?EmmaLoo6271
SEEKING SURGEON - What I'm looking for...nightingale958326
This is Me Making the Big Leap...nightingale953140
SRS - Dr. BrassardDawn1110439
Dugi resultsfelixtemin1349
GCS with Dr Rachael Bluebond-Langner on Nov-02-2017 at NYU Langone Healthenigma17870
SRS surgeons with payment plans?lilapthatsme2231
Got an appointment with Rumer for SRS, but now I'm freaking outnovumdiex94358
GRS Recovery Timeline & Expectationsmissmorganlang3355
Post-surgery Clitoral Stimulation Loss of Sensation - Problem - Please HELPkitten_lover2284
SRS after urethral reroute?xdreamr6661
3 Months Post Op cammy02048959
Quicker SRSViolet3298
srs with Dr Chettawut Augustannquance12577
Insurance covers GCS... now what?novumdiex91206
Seeing Doctor Greenwaldkokochan9002270
SRS with Dr. BrassardHayleyHomicide7692
srs with dr chett 1st Augustannquance0181
How do you mentally prepare yourself for SRS?kenniexthea5650
Feeling scaredKing_God_And_Country261947
3 Years Post Op & The Results are beyond fantasticnicolegn762440
Need help finding a US SRS surgeon!EliseGalea12901
GRS - Sanguan or Chettawutzvs3426
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