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Poll: Being trans in a relationshipPurpleWolf381378
Strained Marriagekgerzon01@gmail.com9371
Here we go againTrent X9879
Some wedding snaps :)SashaGrace132584
Life is not easySueNZ51333
I don't know if it's time to stop trying...AislinnH31442
Federal judge jails Rowan County Clerk Davis for refusing to issue marriage liciKate465615
Another interesting discussion with my wife...sarahtokes111699
I don't think I can't give her what she wantsmeganmichelle92030
wife, husband, marriage, and the elephantmeganmichelle101699
gay transmankye9281092
My intro and story <3ikesgirl80133224
Immigration and Transitioning kasihnya61048
Letting go - how to do it???Antonia J81536
how much does it cost to transition in australia?veltiro510366
My parents told me it's just a phase and that I'm male. I feel that it is not.veltiro42886
will i have to date men if i want doctors to let me transitionveltiro315353
marriage for transwomen in australiaveltiro21238
'Collateral Damage' in the LGBT Community: Straight Spouses, Still in the ClosetMadelineB01201
Seattle- Transgender couple weds in King CountySandraJane22478
Nikki Araguz Trans Marriage Update!SandraJane11371
Wow! Amazingly powerful blog statement on Intersex and Marriage!ShawnTOShawnna11519
Marriage: It's Not Just For The "Sexy" States Anymorezythyra0479
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