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Your ghost from the past?PurpleWolf8178
The "Why?" Of It All/In utero traumaMsAllannah1!11543
Anxiety dreams?Lady Sarah4454
Dissociation and AnxietyDaria670301
I'm really scared of not passingchicken2356141246
Help! I am having dissociative episodes and don't know what to do!Daria6710752
June appointment/Fear/endroMidnightstar11650
Schooling Venting&fearMidnightstar2482
On Love, Fear, and being true to your own nature.Simon T81383
Confused and feared. girlyboy81677
How do i say I'm transgender?XxCosmicEvan81474
Information on how top surgery works? XxCosmicEvan2600
What's happening to me?a-glass-brightly295573
Got My Letters For Surgery, Feeling ScaredRose City Rose303990
I flushed my hormones down the toilet. Now what should I do?alienogkitty283220
wife with closeted mtf husband, am i wrong i dont believe he is transgenderlostconfusedone4815052
I like how I feel on HRT so far, but I am scared, here's why:Shawn Sunshine132397
Fear of SurgeryRose City Rose233937
Doubts and fear? Kind of?Clockwork61108
Starting HRT soon, fear and doubtInazuma61913
Help Pleasejon17862749
If people were rain...WannabeClaire3790
Fraternities / Sororities Naomi3894
First time binder for someone else?novumdiex961308
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