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FTM transman needs some help!Jfrank6163
i regret detransitioning, even though i understand why i did...jinepyaw3294
Crazy over this woman. How to tell her I'm trans...?PraetorianRhapsody8347
progesterone and androgens and masculinization Undead Cat4553
hrt benefits for transmasculine peopleUndead Cat8554
Will Testosterone Help me Grow?skyheff3611
Man wanting a vaginaHogger6742
Disclosure Advice Neededgstorm19972413
Telling your parents...FTMGuy2819
Struggling as an autistic trans manjossam1606
What Donor Site is the best to get a long Phalloplasty?PeterSteele21052
What was your Phalloplasty experience like?PeterSteele3649
How long can you get a Phalloplasty?PeterSteele93793
Hi guys!Kelsey10273721
Hello from GA, USA!KoreyCabra151789
Back acne from TSam Alexei102232
bathroom questionhaeden121871
new to trans lifehaeden142002
What's up from the sunshine state!!chikushou4287
Emisil vs Reelmagik vs Freetom vs Peecockmaxman44135
Am I on too low of a dose?Mason2472933
School, Seeing my shrink, family?IAmRealLife2462
Flu like symptoms?Mason2473695
First Endo Appointment! (Jacksonville Florida)JaceBWynn3564
Transmasculine Summer Fashion?TheAmazingRatman3841
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