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Question about hair removalVeronica S.6294
Mtf HRT face changesClairetheanalytical11604
some guy at the gym said my face is looking fat. when does this turn to girly?Asakawa5248
Are you happy with your skull size?PurpleWolf18300
Your relationship with your face?PurpleWolf1032005
Did you find your old self good-looking?PurpleWolf22572
When did you start recognizing yourself in the mirror (on hormones)?PurpleWolf16536
My face, my nose........ my nose, mostly............Allie24452109
Should I look into getting FFS?Allie24394541
Very slight facial changes- caused by HRT?richie5992
Things to avoid during transition?richie82071
beard removal before and after pics?Mirriel32011
Is my face feminine ?Jade.th102403
Hello! MTF wondering why and what makes me look boyish vs. femHaradonia51662
A surgeon to avoid.Lost Soul215499
Am I starting to glow at 4 months HRT? Please Reply and Blessings to you as wellShawn Sunshine71719
Face Breaking Out, Giving Me Away!Rose City Rose3862
I have extremely curly hair and a round face. Help me find a haircut please?Lucas_Sama117218
hrt on the faces of older people 35+Sarah leah186056
Laser: Home vs Professional?Starblaiz6626583
Face flushing after drinkingNatalia175443
FFS (DR. LAZARO CARDENAS) any feedback???Camille696622294
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