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Cis Lesbians and Passing Trans Women?nightingale95351426
relationship dysphoriashiraz260152
How to Disclose without Disclosing?nightingale952173
Dream Date Discussiontransguymac431903
*Ping* You Got Male... Malcior71078
New girl in my lifecookielover7710861
How to date?Star.atlas.81220
Stay in the closet or lose my boyfriend. I'm scared.CorporalFire101617
Dating feels impossibleSophia Sentiment81040
Yinzer Girl!MsCheriMarie2615
I am scared to date being Trans!Babygirl9641177
as a person who has transitioned, how is your dating lifestephaniec527597
dating "lesbians"...?zukhlo51216
Dating straight men - passable vs. non passablerichie11790
How to find a nice straight guy? Im a pretty mtf girlHaradonia355689
What is dating like as a trans woman?richie81568
Should I take relationships LESS seriously???TrojanMan101904
How to tell a guy you're trans??marssu4612088
Would ftm date cis gender guys or mtf that won't transitionbridget102652
Dating websiteskitten_lover31547
Lost interest in dating/sexMikeyG500163236
Am I a Bad Daughter?Jelly-Bean84052
Legititmate Transgender Dating Sites?GingerMaxim0486
Best Transgender books you've read or would recommend readingBreezyB6612849
Dating SucksAnnahM182538
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