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surgeryerica 711283
bilateral orchiectomyKimmielee5292290
What to bring to orchi consult at Dartmouth?Adrianna868589
Is it frustrating?Shdwrunner0340
The way you thinkShdwrunner0295
Are there any railroaders here?Shdwrunner2215
Question about post OP orchiectomy Shdwrunner5566
Seeking knowledgeShdwrunner10351
Beginning a Journey, Learning the Way Ayla Grant3190
Controlling T levels *and* maintaining muscle: spiro vs orchi questionClaire Grey10443
I Started HRT -- I'm Stoked! Thoughts on HRT and OrchiClaire Grey7366
Does getting orchiectomy cause problems with vaginoplasty later?EmmaLoo6866
In process Orchiectomy(with Dr. Arnkoff)diary.iamthatiam8131233
Masculinising after orchiectomy - how's that possible?!?Freyja Selene61289
Intersex... and then some. felixtemin72143
Orchiectomy Vs Anti-androgensRichenda367436
Orchiectomy with Possible Later GRSVanguardVivian51374
Go under the knife tomorrow: Stage 1 GRS :)Richenda284235
How is your sex drive after any GRS operations?Richenda31249
Would you Orchie or wait for SRS?Richenda244392
Scheduled for an orhciectomy in late Aprilpatstar264089
Orchiectomy with no therapist letterblossom73404
My OrchiectomyEmmaMcAllister207844
Trans-friendly surgeons in Brazilmelbunny51360
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