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Should I celebrate Father's Day or Mother's Day? Ryuichi13480
MtF Doubtsema_m15257
Losing Face Fat?nightingale957100
What are "Trans Vibes"nightingale9521407
How Honest are Trans-Specific FFS Surgeons?nightingale9532751
Am I just looking for love? (Possible triggers)gwencook13190
Keeping my birth name?Sinead12245
Anime and Trans Identities?nightingale9514327
GRS at Mt. Sinai in NYCbeanierose1200
Transition or career focused? gwencook14300
Sex after surgeryIzzy Z.7639
Estrogen Pelletsds1987298
Cis Lesbians and Passing Trans Women?nightingale95351025
Non-surgical Browlift?nightingale955153
Advice please?Nikkixo3150
Electrolysis - preventing the red bumps Karen19572
The harsh truth of mirrors.gwencook10299
Interesting ProspectKittyKat7318
How to be trans by I doing it right??Eryn T652579
Starting to have problems with HRT ...Lindy10529
Modern Day Eunuch/Castrato?nightingale9517626
Thin/Invisible Facial Hair - Will Laser get rid of it?nightingale954237
Less dysphoria now ive accepted myself??gwencook169
Biggest steps have been made (coming out)gwencook5211
Mtf HRT face changesClairetheanalytical11602
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