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What's your favorite bra?Lady Sarah29779
Increased body hair growth on hrt mtfLenaDM3120
whats the waiting time for sperm storage on NHS?EmmaYui170
Really Stuck with gamete storage MTF EmmaYui5207
Dr. Jordan Deschamps-Braly MY EXPERIENCE QueenBailey2231
My New Beginnings (The Transition Begins) fleurgirl19538
Philadelphia Area Resources?madison_b14247
HRT anti-androgen (Cyproterone) alone vs adding estrogen Karen9266
I Shall Be WholeEntropic Variable21482
3 weeks FFS Post-Opjojo7023315
My review for FFS with Dr Chettawut - Successjojo7020196
Possible way to retain fertility ?Yanagii2124
SRS Surgeons Kaiser Network North CaliforniaPRINCESA4161
Uncertainty and self confrontation AshGrey128233
Breast Development: Should I Be Worried?Tiana_Diana18765
I'm really confused and need some serious advice-first postMalleableman7172
Post-op Life Sexuality and RelationshipsSarah1540
Breast growth with HRTEmilyEml17595
Transwomen may soon be able to give birthjenpa7369
Coming out to familyJimjam2185
Hi, im looking for some MTF HRT advice.EmmaYui14622
6 yrs HRT 2 yrs postop and i question ability to pass more than ever b4 (MTF)Kayla96396689
My doctor doesn't knowzephyrs8631
Overcoming shame.OhiaQuiet7230
Thoughts on Round Vs anatomical breast implants rose7576
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