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Needed to tell someone. I looked so good to myselflexxy13210
GCS 2/8/2018 with Bluebond-LangnerAliyahL17334
MTF corset before HRT Maiy1316436
Questioning gender identity, any thoughts?Unsocialist6142
Coming out to family questionsLittlethings6128
Acceptance, and searching questionsLittlethings6170
What is Internalized Transphobia?nightingale9517284
Hello ;-;Davy5140
"Did you always know you were a girl?" My complicated answernatalienicole246019326
SEEKING SURGEON - What I'm looking for...nightingale958324
HRT, and helping breast growthBrandyHanley4292
This is Me Making the Big Leap...nightingale953131
Hormones, Hot Flashes, Fruity Solution?dawnforever863138
Eight month updateJessica_Rose3438
New to the site, new to my genderPr0m3th3us427203
Accepted trans feelings, but unsure and confusedvenus1110
Greetings from Vancouver!(mtf)AlyssaBloom4136
Affect on my childJennyChilds878286
Time gap between realizing you are trans and actually transitioning?PurpleWolf21715
Puberty Blocked Without Blockers?Allie243198
Poll: How do you identify? Ftm, Mtf, or...?PurpleWolf28747
Things that surprised you after transition?PurpleWolf2201
Maybe I'm Crazy?Allie249301
Physical/Biological Effects of Gender Dysphoria?Allie243313
Is splitting up the dose of Progy a good way to go about it?Serene2161
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