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Things in your appearance that align with your identity?PurpleWolf27583
Hello ;-;Davy5221
Your biggest body change on hormones?PurpleWolf9473
Which is worse for you: social or body dysphoria?PurpleWolf30854
When did you start recognizing yourself in the mirror (on hormones)?PurpleWolf16742
Things transitioning didn't change after all?PurpleWolf16651
For all of the people that say I'm wrong to be transgenderjulies2000ma91274
What do you do to make your body shape more feminine? itschristina0490
Transitionning on Low Dose/ HRT still living as Male?Effervascence62188
What are some ways to hide or make curves go away?PeterSteele51271
Things to avoid during transition?richie82140
Girlfriend is suicidaljacques.trdx51338
Girlfriend in dire needjacques.trdx1782
Dysphoria Just Under ControlRose City Rose3717
HRT for "Obese"Confused8791502
few general questions I would like to knowlaria51697
What was the first thing you changed?Natalia496290
Future Facial/Body Hair opinionsDark.Knight183234
What is going on?MarcoMacabre91525
Im a...."wide" Hourglass?..Sayada32548
Lessons from life. The military style. K.Graison01124
Christian Movie with cross dressing/body swap (Me Again)Shawn Sunshine01393
Body HairJordan R.T.126287
Androgynes: What would you do differently in the opposite sex body?Nero949511
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