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Long term effects of antiandrogens and estrogensKohn6299
Six Month Anniversary - Hormones!Valerian4200
Estrogen Pelletsds19872119
How do I get rid of muscle mass?EmmaJean14391
Estradiol in the 1000's... Good or bad?ashw7301
going directly to clearchemist (uk)virtualverny2162
speeding up the process of getting hormones in the ukvirtualverny3176
Starting hormones privately?Sinead7368
Is this a normal thing for an endocrinologist to do? Case3920675
Starting T soon after top surgery!!?eligeli095
1 month on HRT - worried :/Clairetheanalytical9294
What can happen?Sweetpea2182
My Road To Sex Reasignment.MxPippaJones2136
Dumping spiro completely? Thoughts on HRT without antiandrogens?Idaliaylix21791
Beginning a Journey, Learning the Way Ayla Grant3116
Top Surgery Before or After T?sam.i.am6364
Ignorant DoctorsJaphyRiver5310
It's Starting!!Clairetheanalytical2125
The process of hormonesvirtualverny3155
ftm facial hairelc3223
Hormone Pellets instead of Pills or Injections?Quinn_Elizabeth411241
Were you nervous/scared to start HRT?PurpleWolf15795
Boob growth on HRTSinead14624
Insight you gained to the relationship of hormones & human behavior?PurpleWolf15490
One Year On Testosterone Barely Any Changescameron12310439
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