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Uncertainty and self confrontation AshGrey128342
Beginning HRT at 17fleurgirl6344
Do you feel younger after transition?PurpleWolf231197
Best age to start testosterone? PeterSteele103292
What’s the youngest age you can start testosterone in Texas?PeterSteele31078
I'm a young male questioning my genderEvelyn.jospeh.25711983
Good starting point for HRT?TheaN121104
The suspense is killing me. Yeson voice center.. looking for younger patients.4yyyy31401
What to do for a 13 year old FTM?PeterSteele21999
How do you get estrogen blockers for a 13 year old FTM?PeterSteele41110
are older people less responsive to HRT?unclesean174267
16 and stuck. PrinceRyan71591
Hello! MTF wondering why and what makes me look boyish vs. femHaradonia51945
How do you react when hit in the balls?!!!? (FTM)eli828275087
MtF Young Transition - Problems and QuestionsTeenTransBarbie92398
Why am I even trans? Long postKidUndead41179
Changes on T young compared to olderParkhockey2771647
Question about breast growth and 'is it normal'. At 1 and 1/2 months HRT MTFeggy_nog115909
Young Womens group starting in Sydney, Auscynths233604
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