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Thin/Invisible Facial Hair - Will Laser get rid of it?nightingale95383
Keeping a RecordChristiane4135
Body fat issues, Body fat distribution IBasicallyLiveOnTheWeb2107
This is my story - still struggling with transitionInitama4117
Seeking understandingDotus235271
I need help please urgently, please!mortiis3419579
mtf hrt and varicose veins?Ninelle2152
Strained Marriagekgerzon01@gmail.com9323
Jessica's Rose GardenJessica_Rose1544305
Sneaky hrt insurance?hauntpsych2170
My last Christmas as 'him'Jessica_Rose14474
Your ghost from the past?PurpleWolf8237
Self acceptance in transition questions.Pao17533
Did you feel like you were born again through transitioning?PurpleWolf19394
Is this the right place to ask?Juniper Autumn8402
Did you identify as gay/lesbian before realizing you were trans?PurpleWolf30844
Things transitioning didn't change after all?PurpleWolf16528
Time gap between realizing you are trans and actually transitioning?PurpleWolf21943
Things that surprised you after transition?PurpleWolf2256
Transition and loss of "male privilege"Toni O8380
My PrisonToni O8354
Transgender ... the luckiest people in the world!Toni O9566
Parallels in TransitionToni O7351
Wanting to start transitioning but, then few weeks later second guessing?PeterSteele14660
Anyone else putting off transition due to family?graspthesanity7371
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