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Am I just looking for love? (Possible triggers)gwencook13341
For the Love of Mushrooms!Sonja511504
Seeking understandingDotus235405
Danielle McGrogan Rises Against All Odds in Gender Transitionraw_dani1271
Took a break from the site... somewhat back? UpdatesMichelleZelda0188
What is your favorite body part?PurpleWolf23992
Our Delicate LoveToni O0251
To Love A PrincessSilentRain0165
New girl in my lifecookielover7710861
From fiancé to fiancée..Nathanos2876
My name is Kyra and I'm a health coachViolentAurora2804
Advice about a girl (please help)cookielover7771052
Trans woman struggling with loss of sexual appetite for her wifemidnightdancer21070
On Love, Fear, and being true to your own nature.Simon T81715
How do I let him love me?Charlotte249431242
Life is not easySueNZ51378
2016 - the Year of Self AcceptanceGrace_C203207
people making you feel guilty for transitioningAmoré101556
Is love even possible for people like us? - just a thought mzaomz475204
Accepting a 70% female bodyjacques.trdx41899
Dating websiteskitten_lover31547
Wife and I talk about how I picked my name :)Desandlacey21197
Jeb Bush talks about his foreign brideMauryStalk2619
wonderful revelationAlexis791542
I'm humbled by ConstanceConniesgirl51475
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