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Minoxidil progressvirtualverny19831
questions about purchasing/using minoxidil, and tips on facial hairvirtualverny10887
How to introduce yourself pre-hormones?PurpleWolf3285
Binding Health Complicationsnanospirt1254
Pre-everything and don't pass: what's the point?meatwagon182166
FTM First Endocrinologist Visit?skyheff73584
Process To Start TestosteroneTheRealMax003899
Hormones unbalanced. Good for me. Bad for others.PeterSteele31265
Is this feeling "normal"?authorx122278
Traveling to BrazilElliottP61533
Working Out Pre-T?Wesley Cole31050
Reasons you chose to transition?yellowparachute273953
Wanting to come out in a few monthsthedementedlamb51158
Sick of being Pre TNoah141622
Anyone transitioning in Scotland?AaronMiddleton2523
Is There a Way For Your Voice to Change Naturally?joeythejoster31248
Help admitting to my girlfriend Escher201546
Let's Talk about Haircuts and Hairlengths joeythejoster4783
FTM pre-T, dealing with body shape, any ideas/help?Hecknado52123
pre-T and surgeryBrody Hayden Brown 748642
Is it normal that I pass perfectly pre-T with DHEA?Rom51792
Do Pumps Work Pre-T?Contravene94162
friggen weird acne? (help?)sebster0804
The Official 'Do I pass?' topic (Ver 5.0 - in 3-D)VMVS1406229378
Anxiety when I pass Rom6925
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