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Did you like Brokeback Mountain?PurpleWolf22378
FTM transman needs some help!Jfrank9376
Did you identify as gay/lesbian before realizing you were trans?PurpleWolf30968
Dating feels impossibleSophia Sentiment8904
How Easy Is It For An FTM To Get Pregnant?JourneyFromConfusion46369
My brain is such a mess I'm so confusedzincoff81086
What persecution does a spouse typically face when suddenly perceived as gay?Raell7911
F2M Boyfriend I need advice and helpJ197981928
M2F Gay Couple Need Adivce & A Friend To Talk ToJ197981979
FtM feeling lonely and afraid of losing my boyfriendEJ71294
Femine gay guy here, really depressed...Elysian Fields312439
I'm Deaf and Gay -- And That's Totally Okay By Connor MclarenSydney Spitfire0592
Acceptance of trans men in the gay male communityKevinSeven5788
gay transmankye9281107
so what does that make you? lostmyjetpack2965
Dude...sexuality is confusingkdbrrw545435
LGBTI Union in Turkeylgbti0701
Partner of FTM trans manRmo41894
My New Book - Precious: New BeginningsPrincess Rachel21209
first draft of a short story "Amber's Story"Princess Rachel61298
FTM Top / Cis Bottom? TheeWhizdom68797
Introduction & questions about sex and datingSelinaAutumn31018
me against the worldnotaFLAMER971285
1 year HRT, Am I really Trans?ArenStar62320
Gay TransmenLocustBlotter135284
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