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some guy at the gym said my face is looking fat. when does this turn to girly?Asakawa5347
How’s my make-up look girls?Sinead4491
I Crave FeminizationTheDarkQueenEmily4745
Forced to go on birth control PeterSteele331491
how do I tell her.davertan886821
Hello From A Young Girl From EnglandHannahHindle121148
New girl in my lifecookielover7710838
Trans Woman Lives Her Life as a Six Year Old Girlcathyrains205053
Here I am (For Better or Worse) The Kryptonian/Human Hybrid Super GirlShawn Sunshine3600
Finally all girly girl, for church and more! The Pain is lifting I can see me!Shawn Sunshine201275
Does HRT change your band size? (Male to Female)TransKaty113693
Should I be a girl?IsIvanTransgender43549
Exciting news! My new life begins!!!MaríaJosé5981
Man Invites Virtual Girlfriend to Wedding, With Real-Life BrideShawn Sunshine0880
Younger and need advice on discussing my gender confusion to my loved ones.invalidusername51171
Jesus Christ my Savior has confirmed I am a woman! Call me Supergirl of Earth 3!ShawnTOShawnna31835
I don't have gender dysphoria but id rather be a girl?! HELPConfusedguy555232693
The Now Completely Official "Could I pass one day?" ThreadSkyanne2199355173
MTF HRT: Shrinking shoe size????JennX3325652
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