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Accepted trans feelings, but unsure and confusedvenus1116
How would I go about seeing a gender therapist? (UK)NinaW11330
Hi - New to community in generalPrier3141
Support? I think? Maybe?Star.atlas.8284
hey- new here; not confused but not 100% sure, either. Advice?sneetches_stars4375
I'm Really ConfusedGraysonIsVeryConfused4293
Surgery consultations for metaSeptagonScars10864
Transgender or Internalized misogyny? IGotIssues101127
Somewhere in the middleInnes4585
Stay in the closet or lose my boyfriend. I'm scared.CorporalFire101131
I think I'm FTM and I'm depressed.CorporalFire61069
My brain is such a mess I'm so confusedzincoff8792
Is 22 to late for hrt?fallspartan141569
supposed to transition at school in two weeks time but I'm full of self doubtTryingthenamealec8768
Depression and Trans?Yuukun2824
Asking parents to see a gender therapist shouldn't be a big deal... should it?Britt1161441
scared about transitioning and now questioning my genderTryingthenamealec1592
Am I actually trans? what do I do if im wrong?Tryingthenamealec51196
How can I be sure I'm trans?whatismylife199981663
Trying to figure out if I belong here New_B201546
Who Am Icypripareunia3694
Confused and feared. girlyboy81680
I don't know if I'm transsexual/transgender... Can anyone relate?Orlando71564
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