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Orchiectomy SailorMooo10967
GRS/SRS surgery with Dr. Sutin at PAI in Thailand 2019Estoni93192082
Post-op Life Sexuality and RelationshipsSarah11070
Bicalutimide, Dutasteride & Progesteronez38151544
Hysto: Ten Days Post-OpAmadeus5505
Even though I know it shouldn't be like that... LiliFee31027
After the knife - absence of resources? Input and views requestedSarahGemini61477
OK, I am Post-Op, But Would Like To Get BA and/or FFS Paid By InsuranceTransgenderTarheel21106
Post-Op SensationIkiryo125290
About anything helpful that I can tell my one and onlyaile31415
Baggy polosAnxietyDisord3r51282
Post-operative depressionAnxietyDisord3r1981
Did anybody Post-Op find pain or post-op complications to be a problem?mazzycakes223073
Vitamins for active women. I need help to know about Lutein.For Pre-op and Post Sheila_the_voice_within0532
I can ride my bike nowSerenation215686
Post-Op (Peri)Caleb0851
Shirtless modesty?Aazhie122530
Hair Loss/Thinning Since Surgery - Caused by Low T?YellowPenguin32345
Bumping my chest after top surgery, should I see the surgeon?MacG3896
How'd You Spend Your Recovery Time? AndrewB264166
Post-OP surgery-related poll and questions (hospital, procedure, pain etc) caliyr163664
SRS with Dr. ChettBWgirl_111411367
Painful/burning clitoris?!?riotmonster137358
Problems with DilatingBubbles51989
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