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Challenging personskipulus3171
just a few questionsJ lewis7303
HelloJ lewis3198
Poll: Being trans in a relationshipPurpleWolf382040
Seeking understandingDotus235423
Seeking Advice - Intimacy with the BFTiLiJay879713
To Love A PrincessSilentRain0181
how do I tell her.davertan886872
How to know if you like someone or just lonely?GrapeJuice122322
My fiance came out to me and I don't know what to do (lesbian, ftm)notramonaflowers62209
About anything helpful that I can tell my one and onlyaile31062
cis-sexist assumption? how would you read this interaction?SadieBlake81347
Sexual Issues With my FTM partner, please help?LilRedRachel52288
Dating straight men - passable vs. non passablerichie11839
I finally came out to my girlfriendFoxtran91672
Advice about a girl (please help)cookielover7771063
What is dating like as a trans woman?richie81603
Would ftm date cis gender guys or mtf that won't transitionbridget102690
FtM feeling lonely and afraid of losing my boyfriendEJ71495
Coming out to our childrenDesandlacey142147
HRT and loss of libidoMonicaNorth01078
Girlfriend of an FTM seeking help and advice. Jessicadonnelly12374042
FTM fell for the girlCaleTheWhale51633
Anybody with someone who is having trouble with them having top surgery??JCH84144346
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