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What size packer should I get?HelloImLucas2137
When did you meet another trans person for the first time?PurpleWolf28595
I finally got my binder... And it pointed out all my other flaws.HelloImLucas4172
Do you have supportive family members?PurpleWolf31742
Bit of an upsetting thing...Randi Just Is1210
Support? I think? Maybe?Star.atlas.8282
Ingersol Support Group SeattleDawnOday3320
2017 Gender Odyssey Seattle, Los Angeles DawnOday0285
After the knife - absence of resources? Input and views requestedSarahGemini6871
New FtM UKRogue_Teddybear3524
I was ATTACKED! But my soul is on fire!Shawn Sunshine101424
being transgenderedFoxxy223808
Hi my name is Rena and i'm a transgender woman and i can't take this anymore.Aki-lucky!31027
FtM in the Long Island, NY area looking for local friends/support!Wendighost51236
A Trump presidency Christine88354548
It is all out thereTrent X7578
Military Trans* Support (US)SiobhánF41741
Me and My non-Conforming Gender TherapistLoved_PrincessMPLS8929
Ex crush, now in FTM transition: what should I do?lady godiva71021
Trans Communities and Support Groups?Catb3690
Anyone interested in a fitness accountability group? Dalibar31319
Gratitude and sorrowWaterGirl2802
Local (NJ) transgender women share stories of struggle, successenigma1183
‘TrueSelves’ support group caters to NJ’s increasingly visible transgender commuenigma3624
Who/What am I questions led me to a Where- which is hereMxJuly199113643
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