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Thin/Invisible Facial Hair - Will Laser get rid of it?nightingale95236
Transgender or bigenderInitama391
Teacher's accidentally being offensivesnollie6175
I need to know what pre-HRT tests to ask for... NWAMichelle3113
Are there any railroaders here?Shdwrunner2101
How to Disclose without Disclosing?nightingale95292 journeyKaren036623446
How to live a happy life and not fully transition Karen036636785
What triggers your Gender Dysphoria?Sinead41814
What’s Northumberland Gender Identity Clinic (UK) like for MTF?Sinead083
Starting hormones privately?Sinead7256
Can you evaluate my voice?jenpa13255
Am I TransgenderThe Redheaded Musician9188
Moving to Colorado?remmutt058
Federal Court Grants Big Win For Transgender People To Change Birth Certificatesenigma2134
Anyone have MTF GRS with Dr. Sukit or Dr. Manrique in Rochester MNBajanTsGyal1117
Ever considered DIY vaginoplasty?Lady Sarah25476
Explaining Non-Binary Identity to People that Don't UnderstandTrashGoblin13361
What is the cut off age to being considered a “transgender youth”?nightingale952121
I just came out to my dadSinead5255
Estradiol LevelsBrandyHanley4109
Dental peculiarities correlated to anything?Lady Sarah4229
Just wanted to write this down / talk somebody. Hoping for advice.sophie_3149278
Bienestar in East L.A. (Transgender Support Group)Asakawa1123
New Arab Trans WomanHaya6362
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