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Getting ready to come outLedley26392
Need help with finding an "androgynous" haircut samsonavery9247
MtF Doubtsema_m15326
THE WOMAN WITHIN [Poetry]JennaBadgyrl036
What are "Trans Vibes"nightingale9521522
How Honest are Trans-Specific FFS Surgeons?nightingale9532941
Being transgender in TurkeySinead5233
Keeping my birth name?Sinead12281
FTM or butch lesbian?Mitenka2123
Anime and Trans Identities?nightingale9514399
PLEASE HELP : AM I FTM?jazzhands2140
Pride events around Seattle, WA1207162141
Cis Lesbians and Passing Trans Women?nightingale95351126
Non-surgical Browlift?nightingale955172
Related to "content warnings"?VeronicaS10012127
Electrolysis - preventing the red bumps Karen19705
How to be trans by I doing it right??Eryn T713148
Guide for transgender people worldwide (what do you think?)Galyo4150
Modern Day Eunuch/Castrato?nightingale9517690
Thin/Invisible Facial Hair - Will Laser get rid of it?nightingale954266
Transgender or bigenderInitama3133
Teacher's accidentally being offensivesnollie6232
I need to know what pre-HRT tests to ask for... NWAMichelle3154
Are there any railroaders here?Shdwrunner2160
How to Disclose without Disclosing?nightingale952120
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