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Just wanted to write this down / talk somebody. Hoping for advice.sophie_3149188
Bienestar in East L.A. (Transgender Support Group)Asakawa161
New Arab Trans WomanHaya6160
Enquiry about sexual transformation Male to Femaleauroratrans3201
FtM workout regimen? Outpostt313113
Childrens books on Transgender issuesBrandyHanley280
What is Internalized Transphobia?nightingale9517286
"Did you always know you were a girl?" My complicated answernatalienicole246019331
SEEKING SURGEON - What I'm looking for...nightingale958327
coming out to extended familyelc1115
This is Me Making the Big Leap...nightingale953140
Crazy over this woman. How to tell her I'm trans...?PraetorianRhapsody8299
Transitioning without transitioning. Any advice?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans7424
2 weeks without T, worriedEzraIz1136
Holidays without T EzraIz6237
Affect on my childJennyChilds878291
Time gap between realizing you are trans and actually transitioning?PurpleWolf21724
Puberty Blocked Without Blockers?Allie243210
Maybe I'm Crazy?Allie249304
Physical/Biological Effects of Gender Dysphoria?Allie243319
Happy Veterans Day?Toni O3217
How to tell work I’m transitioning?JennyChilds873153
Love ones selfJennyChilds871116
HRT in northern michigan?MariaCampbell4203
Having Children Pre-TransitionAllie2430924
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