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How to convince my parents T isnt dangerousOneDayIWillBeMe396
Finding reliable source of T in Ontario, Canadahexr2103
Want to go on T, don't want the fat in my body to redistribute? ftmblues6210
Low Testosterone, High Libido? DarkButterfly2158
Hunger on TestosteroneShortMan3398325
Moving Abroad?mc12996245
HRT Frustrations (FTM)lemon5236
Motivations, Dreams, Arousal and HRTConfusedSarah2427
Freaking out! Help me please!Undecided24278
To T or not to T, that is the questionneonorigami3284
Bad reaction to testosteroneAcht5265
Six Month Anniversary - Hormones!Valerian4299
5 months later (slightly nsfw)Sawney10000001359
High estrogen or balanced hormones? Which is better for transitioning?ashw7432
how likely am i to become infertile?virtualverny2313
A question about stopping T (possibly triggering for those who are interested)Spoilsbag4345
I'm not sure if I have high testosterone... also, I have a couple of petitions.Raintheboi3384
1 and a half months on testosteronepenguin4368
New Starter on T!alexsaunders982181
speeding up the process of getting hormones in the ukvirtualverny3212
Will my changes on T be slower is I had a first late puberty?spence773178
Starting T soon after top surgery!!?eligeli0141
How does weight affect how fast changes will come on Tspence775232
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