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High estrogen or balanced hormones? Which is better for transitioning?ashw7163
how likely am i to become infertile?virtualverny071
A question about stopping T (possibly triggering for those who are interested)Spoilsbag4142
I'm not sure if I have high testosterone... also, I have a couple of petitions.Raintheboi3158
1 and a half months on testosteronepenguin4142
New Starter on T!alexsaunders982100
speeding up the process of getting hormones in the ukvirtualverny3100
Will my changes on T be slower is I had a first late puberty?spence773106
Starting T soon after top surgery!!?eligeli074
How does weight affect how fast changes will come on Tspence775137
Does your first puberty affect how fast changes on T will come?spence77076
More bottom growth after 2 years on T?KevinSeven2138
Is my FTM boyfriend losing interest?someonesgirlfriend3183
Question about high testosterone levels??damiend982120
Bottom growthvirtualverny4249
The process of hormonesvirtualverny3123
FTM Hormone Therapy Janus (he/they)4252
Bottom Growthohlluca8551
Sounds stupid, but if I'm still a minor and growing, what will T do to my bones?ShortMan3392240
FTMs and PCOSBT046320
Shoulders/hips ratio on TPurpleWolf7311
One Year On Testosterone Barely Any Changescameron12310380
Orgasm change on T?PurpleWolf4296
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