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The process of hormonesvirtualverny340
FTM Hormone Therapy Janus (he/they)4170
Bottom Growthohlluca6250
Sounds stupid, but if I'm still a minor and growing, what will T do to my bones?ShortMan3392163
FTMs and PCOSBT046227
Shoulders/hips ratio on TPurpleWolf7233
One Year On Testosterone Barely Any Changescameron12310253
Orgasm change on T?PurpleWolf4198
started hormones back in september...just not the right oneshauntpsych3156
2 weeks without T, worriedEzraIz1136
Holidays without T EzraIz6238
Bleeding 3-4 Months on Taydeny12357
Going on T pros & cons - Any advice?PurpleWolf11469
Best age to start testosterone? PeterSteele10402
3-4 months on testosterone gel, really high testosterone levels?catdad154110455
Please help me on Nebido, I desperately need advice from people who use it. Urgent help29652
Anyone else putting off transition due to family?graspthesanity7324
My name is Bran and just saying hello to everyone.thecoolestcricket3166
How long on average is the wait from first GIC appointment to starting T?Frazer1127
Excessive estrogen in men. Need help.naveencg4465
Over-emotional on T?SassySatan4474
Nonbinary and stopping testosterone after top surgery?toxicmetalexpo6589
Trouble with IM sites?tranzferdinand2223
Getting taller on Ttransguymac9496
Small Doses of Tdamnedheart3273
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