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Finally declaring my path, May be too heavy.DawnOday12373
Therapist qualifications for SRS referralhalah june3307
Looking for some takes on voice therapyVeronicaS100111500
Changing Therapists?sam.i.am5328
How would I go about seeing a gender therapist? (UK)NinaW15729
Getting Pretty Nervous Doodle2563399
Voice Therapy in MelbourneMaiaOZ3424
Online Gender Therapistsjessicariddhi7548
Dunno how to (anything)Xhianil12623
Therapy/HRT in PA Lancaster Harrisburg Area: Alder Health Review 2017CameronJL2433
My voice, then and nowjerica2685
Speech Therapy Experiences?RenegadeGirl161953
Where to start for getting medical treatment.unknownperson666103185
The ball is rolling!Daniellek747917
Another step closer SadieBlake71293
Age For HRTSoWeAre81338
FearTrent X101015
Transitionning on Low Dose/ HRT still living as Male?Effervascence62236
How does having a good therapist effect you?DavidC51497
Surgery alice123481745
Therapist recommended me to take anxiolytics...Just_M1749
HST Rafaela51079
Are Estrogen Blockers even worth it for young FTMs?PeterSteele132382
Is over the counter Estrogen Blockers good?PeterSteele82042
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