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People showing little compassion and/or love and it hurtsZiaAngel3753377
Internalized Trans-Misogynyelineq21384
Trans Health Insurance Coverage in a Company Located in Multiple Statesvanderpn2605
Misgendering,'s making me sick and I'm on my way to addictionjossam182364
My best friend is an uber-Christian bigot. Please help me get his head on right.Blackwaters427133115
federal law enforcement agencyryderjl51252
Dallas City Council OK’s adding transgender protections to anti-bias ordinanceiKate4633
Department of Health And Human Services to End Transgender Discriminationcalliope41771
Sexual Orientation Discrimination Is Barred By Existing Law, Federal Commission enigma6835
I finally DID NOT use the bathroom. (Pt 2 and complaint made)Shawn Sunshine222034
Who gets to decide what is a woman?iKate3596
NYC: New York City Birth Certificate Done !!!karla.allen51702
Non-Binary DiscriminationEchelonHunt61598
Watching Soccer With The FamilyThePersona31263
I need advice: should I be looking into a lawsuit for this? (Menstrual TMI)Catspit31279
Opinions on disclosure?Aewin302893
Issues with HRdapperseb3946
Arizona gov. vetoes controversial 'religious freedom' billLearnedHand778821
Gender Stereotyping in JobsContravene91304
Closed doorsbabykittenful51525
Students back fired transgender Queens teacherMadelineB71967
Special Reports: Transgender groups fear violent protestsMadelineB01018
Eleven trans arrested in KuwaitMadelineB0645
Pennsylvania- Burnett case headed for jury trialSandraJane0885
Yes, I Face Discrimination, Too- Jillian PageSandraJane0587
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