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Telling kidsKaren5118
Coming out to wife as transKaylin Williams11662
Here we go againTrent X9748
Older Married couples, where one partner comes out Transgendermickey.megan205197
Anyone Familiar With This Documentary on Transgender Children?Bradán0260
SO in a bit of a unique situation and not sure I can support my MtF partnerTransandSO71215
The Cutest Pass I've Ever Received. I Just Love Kids :)enigma92220
Afraid of the futureMirriel5972
how long can I hide a transition from MTF? when going on HRT, Laser, etc...megan77773317668
who with kids, has divorced and transitioned? I need helpblueroselostlove101199
wife what. megan7777214362
My transition and fears for my childrencamron2438
How to get someone to stop talking about me being trans?eli82827848
How do you react when hit in the balls?!!!? (FTM)eli828273846
My two daughters said the most beautiful thing todayBreezyB3813
when you have kidssamblack181267
I'm so relieved. I just came out to the children's mother.BreezyB10921
are you an itty-bitty woman or and itty-bitty man?explorer3929
Looking for kid-friendly resources!!grrrlfriend0920
I Could Have Sworn That I Didn't Want Kids....Malachite51946
Who Do You Think Is To Blame For School Bullying? *Possible Triggers*Malachite152772
my mtf wants to be a stepdad to my daughterRebeccasWife42352
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