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Effect of binding on top surgery results?PurpleWolf5454
Poll: The age you started binding?PurpleWolf10481
Breaking in a Binderloren14251
binding while working causing more pain???echoRo3277
to boob or not to boob (AmAb edition)Undead Cat2622
binding and nipple sensation Undead Cat201480
non-op and binding long term discussion Undead Cat1292
Chest won't stay in place when binding (FTM)ovohobo51526
New medium gc2b binder very painful to wear?andio31679
Any reviews of FLAVNT's Bareskin binder?FTMandTMNT42728
Can binding mess up your height? PeterSteele2513
Any experiences with used binders?voodoo3656
Binding and chest numbness?Kacchon41382
Have you ever had this Binder before?PeterSteele101241
What Binder is better?PeterSteele92027
Would wearing a binder make your Top Surgery go weird?PeterSteele51004
Binder for tall and busty FTMNeffa91170
Skydiving and binding?alienjames5702
best free binder / binder giveaway donation programunclesean55494
Binder,worn Midnightstar2487
Binder/paranoia? XxCosmicEvan3754
Can't keep my moobs in place in my binder. Lucas_Sama3909
Binder Help, sizing?ItsNick41047
Binder helpLuckyLee21109
Underworks Binder is DISAPPOINTINGunderneath.the.skin81339
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