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Baton Rouge, LA Support?jesse1352224
Looking for BuddysBrandyHanley18580
Took a break from the site... somewhat back? UpdatesMichelleZelda0190
Just Signed Up - Excited To Be Here!KiraReneeDarling3262
My friends kinda suck still and I think I have a crush on a 18 year oldGraysonIsVeryConfused0188
Looking for trans* friends in the GTAHayleyHomicide1388
hiya new here wld be nice to make friendsIris Kam Noor3434
People to talk to.Jamie 658687
One of those days..Alanna19907836
Friends (not the TV series haha)Alanna1990111383
South Florida TG socialElla2Marques0519
Yinzer Girl!MsCheriMarie2615
Looking for friends in London :)Karasu171518
Friends and relatives can change their minds on acceptanceRaell71396
cis-sexist assumption? how would you read this interaction?SadieBlake81322
Hello, New here looking to find someone i can talk too.Jayyytee165835
Being Deleted from FacebookLoved_PrincessMPLS62058
ID/friends/problems Midnightstar3466
Any suggestions?Ptarus81399
Jumping thru hoops for acceptanceAjcanine3904
Friends issues (pronouns and other annoying stuff)jossam3466
Hello, I'm Sandy. maitresse sandy71250
Taking the plunge; and going full time advice ? living two livesCamillarose61366
First stepsJust_M343593
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