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MTF Part sublingual / Part oral?gallux9111
HRT and Hair LossSaphirBlue11197
ftm facial hairelc394
Jessica's Rose GardenJessica_Rose20403
Diet diet diet?Azirial8250
Bienestar in East L.A. (Transgender Support Group)Asakawa164
Hormone Pellets instead of Pills or Injections?Quinn_Elizabeth41763
oops and early changesVirginia 7117445
Bottom Growthohlluca6258
Were you nervous/scared to start HRT?PurpleWolf15325
Hello ;-;Davy5144
Boob growth on HRTSinead14449
Your biggest body change on hormones?PurpleWolf9276
Insight you gained to the relationship of hormones & human behavior?PurpleWolf15358
HRT, and helping breast growthBrandyHanley4301
When did you start recognizing yourself in the mirror (on hormones)?PurpleWolf13253
Green tea inhibits estrogen effectiveness?alejandra_pfister2168
Hormones, Hot Flashes, Fruity Solution?dawnforever863146
Eight month updateJessica_Rose3463
2 weeks without T, worriedEzraIz1137
Unwanted Side Effects of HRT? (FTM)KittedKat6307
Holidays without T EzraIz6243
Affect on my childJennyChilds878294
Beware of HRT possible mind warping effectstsukiyoarts27838
Is splitting up the dose of Progy a good way to go about it?Serene2170
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