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My doctor doesn't knowzephyrs4128
HRT without breast growth - option for AMAB NBsSideways183
Androgel burning when applied? doryirl398
Is it normal for HRT to make you feel exhausted all the time?scrambledeggs7202
Estradiol patch placement effectsilLunamated2178
Low Testosterone, High Libido? DarkButterfly2167
Moobs on HRTstacie19707432
Efficacy of SpirinolactoneCeline9396
Donica's She ShedDonica1273217
Questions about my eventual MtF transition - I'm new to this, helpHighDefinition-Dragoness11455
My First day of HRT (MTF)EmilyEml3153
Moving Abroad?mc12996268
HRT Frustrations (FTM)lemon5259
Beginning HRT in South AustraliaTae1260
An interesting feeling....fgsb0193
Bio Identical Hormonestaylur5378
Motivations, Dreams, Arousal and HRTConfusedSarah2457
[23 MTF] Stopping HRT after 3 weeks, When will things return to normal?rejoycemurphy4504
Becoming JenniferJade88221061
MTF, taking testosterone instead of estrogenCrist25754
is the electrolysis working? dugi consult aaahfelixtemin14531
Medroxyprogesterone been on it two years. Is it increasing my testosterone?servantofpan3194
3 weeks until edo appt!gracefulhat6218
Need help hiding breast developmentLaurel3249
HRT TODAY!!!!!mortiis347298
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