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Morning Sicknesskyliekarma4306
About the storage of opened androgel?buglemouse23177
Applying œstrogel on the facesophie892280
Two Year Anniversary on HRTSusan R8406
Introducting Amy Michelleamymichelleb7310504
A Few HRT Related Questions for you Fine Folkswildcat20839412
on the path to a new me. have questionslongjourneyahead10355
Hair lossLola-lola1215
HRT Story... so far... and a question.SamanthaMQ2390
2 weeks off Estrogen before GCS. Please describe the effects....Ms. Tokyo15663
Is it safe to restart HRT after a week's hiatus?shawn8566341
Benefits of DutasterideLara134372
Does it get better after 2 years?SamiStar865430
Where to go from here?JessicaRiddhi8482
Nice to get a warm welcome.Sarah Stevenson7400
question has anyone else notice a change ?TGril5320197396
I don't like the emotional changes.Erika_15805
Testosterone messing up your voice?TheAmazingRatman4374
Micronized progesterone vs medroxyprogesteronerusti_mae4228
Testosterone Gel Left OutsideSwampMonster9359
First TimesToniToday644034
decapeptyl and enantonePenelope Fleur1160
Feelings you get when taking your dose of estrogen?Jennifer1975191004
Finally started HRT after half a life of waiting timeJennifer1975431723
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