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Medroxyprogesterone been on it two years. Is it increasing my testosterone?servantofpan386
3 weeks until edo appt!gracefulhat6106
Need help hiding breast developmentLaurel3160
HRT TODAY!!!!!mortiis347205
Deja Vu; Laura 2.0lauraelliott19518211
MtF Doubtsema_m15326
Six Month Anniversary - Hormones!Valerian4197
Pellet Injection.Gina Cross3140
Estrogen Pelletsds19872119
Would HRT help someone like me?Crist12515
Electrolysis - preventing the red bumps Karen19705
A couple of quick questions for post-op ladiesVeronicaS100191075
Starting to have problems with HRT ...Lindy10571
I have my first appointment for HRT next Monday at PP, what should I expect?Cakemonstomus5220
How can I get the effects of HRT naturally?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans311002
Mtf HRT face changesClairetheanalytical11667
Any other PAIS/MAIS girls out there? alaskagirl19559
Transgendering not only without GRS but without HRT? Let me explain...Josephine8Alexandria2282
I need to know what pre-HRT tests to ask for... NWAMichelle3154
Finally happy but now TERRIFIED of losing my transition and happiness.. helpLittleWitchGirl9610409
First Thoughts on HRT ...Lindy2138
Seeking knowledgeShdwrunner10249 journeyKaren0366902679
17 years old and lostpenguin8372
1 and a half months on testosteronepenguin4264
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