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Breasts... Taking care of the girls. Darlene601138
FTM having a rough timeOliverR.11204
Increased body hair growth on hrt mtfLenaDM3122
whats the waiting time for sperm storage on NHS?EmmaYui171
Really Stuck with gamete storage MTF EmmaYui5207
My New Beginnings (The Transition Begins) fleurgirl19538
North Texas Endo Recommendations?ratkingleo3130
Detransitioning shay123414478
HRT anti-androgen (Cyproterone) alone vs adding estrogen Karen9267
Did I just botch this part of my transition?itsDanielle12557
Taking estrogen with history of strokrRussngrl19447
Uncertainty and self confrontation AshGrey128234
Breast Development: Should I Be Worried?Tiana_Diana18765
Transitioning in South Korea as a foreign student Huda12345
IM T Injection Issues ?AxelM071110
Breast growth with HRTEmilyEml17596
Cancer while on MTF Horomonesgwenf3691126
Hi, im looking for some MTF HRT advice.EmmaYui14623
Breasts Have Stopped Hurtinglaurenlucy5313
HRT in the UKblue.lotus19492
My doctor doesn't knowzephyrs8631
HRT without breast growth - option for AMAB NBsSideways13795
Androgel burning when applied? doryirl3166
Is it normal for HRT to make you feel exhausted all the time?scrambledeggs7317
Jaime’s misadventures with a bit of random thoughts. Jaime320461014
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