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Did I just botch this part of my transition?itsDanielle7287
Taking estrogen with history of strokrRussngrl19335
Uncertainty and self confrontation AshGrey128179
Breast Development: Should I Be Worried?Tiana_Diana18597
Transitioning in South Korea as a foreign student Huda12273
IM T Injection Issues ?AxelM07172
Breast growth with HRTEmilyEml17497
Cancer while on MTF Horomonesgwenf3691105
Hi, im looking for some MTF HRT advice.EmmaYui14567
Breasts Have Stopped Hurtinglaurenlucy5259
HRT in the UKblue.lotus19422
My doctor doesn't knowzephyrs8584
HRT without breast growth - option for AMAB NBsSideways8360
Androgel burning when applied? doryirl3136
Is it normal for HRT to make you feel exhausted all the time?scrambledeggs7272
Jaime’s misadventures with a bit of random thoughts. Jaime32035648
Estradiol patch placement effectsilLunamated2224
Low Testosterone, High Libido? DarkButterfly2187
Moobs on HRTstacie19707493
Efficacy of SpirinolactoneCeline9437
Donica's She ShedDonica1764377
Questions about my eventual MtF transition - I'm new to this, helpHighDefinition-Dragoness11480
My First day of HRT (MTF)EmilyEml3174
Moving Abroad?mc12996299
HRT Frustrations (FTM)lemon5283
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