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Transgendering not only without GRS but without HRT? Let me explain...Josephine8Alexandria2322
I need to know what pre-HRT tests to ask for... NWAMichelle3172
Finally happy but now TERRIFIED of losing my transition and happiness.. helpLittleWitchGirl9610438
First Thoughts on HRT ...Lindy2161
Seeking knowledgeShdwrunner10276 journeyKaren03661023269
17 years old and lostpenguin8404
1 and a half months on testosteronepenguin4307
Trans MTF Book RecommendationsClairetheanalytical7291
Starting hormones privately?Sinead7407
MtF Height and Pelvic TiltClairetheanalytical5332
Is this a normal thing for an endocrinologist to do? Case3920720
MTF - How did you say goodbye to your man Side ?Initama8254
1 month on HRT - worried :/Clairetheanalytical9303
Just Start HRT! (yesterday)EvaT8248
Research Writeup- Hormone Replacement Therapy and TransitionCityLitLena181
Dumping spiro completely? Thoughts on HRT without antiandrogens?Idaliaylix21909
Beginning HRT at 17fleurgirl6180
mtf hrt and varicose veins?Ninelle2350
Non-op. Breast augmentation as a priority Transfused5307
A basic question about HRTMatildaaa7336
testosteron is higher after 6months of hrt... unexplained?andrealouise224176
Ignorant DoctorsJaphyRiver5347
Male to "hermaphrodite" Update and revelationshermaphrodite-dragon291631
My doctor needs guidancejessicariddhi3241
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