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MTF, taking testosterone instead of estrogenCrist25769
is the electrolysis working? dugi consult aaahfelixtemin14541
Medroxyprogesterone been on it two years. Is it increasing my testosterone?servantofpan3199
3 weeks until edo appt!gracefulhat6224
Need help hiding breast developmentLaurel3259
HRT TODAY!!!!!mortiis347311
Deja Vu; Laura 2.0lauraelliott19518367
MtF Doubtsema_m15421
Six Month Anniversary - Hormones!Valerian4319
Pellet Injection.Gina Cross3198
Estrogen Pelletsds19872204
Would HRT help someone like me?Crist12623
Electrolysis - preventing the red bumps Karen221777
A couple of quick questions for post-op ladiesVeronicaS100191321
Starting to have problems with HRT ...Lindy10696
I have my first appointment for HRT next Monday at PP, what should I expect?Cakemonstomus5280
How can I get the effects of HRT naturally?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans311524
Mtf HRT face changesClairetheanalytical111396
Any other PAIS/MAIS girls out there? alaskagirl19732
Transgendering not only without GRS but without HRT? Let me explain...Josephine8Alexandria2412
I need to know what pre-HRT tests to ask for... NWAMichelle3214
Finally happy but now TERRIFIED of losing my transition and happiness.. helpLittleWitchGirl9610502
First Thoughts on HRT ...Lindy2195
Seeking knowledgeShdwrunner10328 journeyKaren03661184553
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