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Electrolysis - preventing the red bumps Karen221350
A couple of quick questions for post-op ladiesVeronicaS100191252
Starting to have problems with HRT ...Lindy10651
I have my first appointment for HRT next Monday at PP, what should I expect?Cakemonstomus5259
How can I get the effects of HRT naturally?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans311299
Mtf HRT face changesClairetheanalytical111093
Any other PAIS/MAIS girls out there? alaskagirl19673
Transgendering not only without GRS but without HRT? Let me explain...Josephine8Alexandria2372
I need to know what pre-HRT tests to ask for... NWAMichelle3195
Finally happy but now TERRIFIED of losing my transition and happiness.. helpLittleWitchGirl9610467
First Thoughts on HRT ...Lindy2182
Seeking knowledgeShdwrunner10306 journeyKaren03661184032
17 years old and lostpenguin8449
1 and a half months on testosteronepenguin4362
Trans MTF Book RecommendationsClairetheanalytical7320
Starting hormones privately?Sinead7472
MtF Height and Pelvic TiltClairetheanalytical5444
Is this a normal thing for an endocrinologist to do? Case3920806
MTF - How did you say goodbye to your man Side ?Initama8286
1 month on HRT - worried :/Clairetheanalytical9337
Just Start HRT! (yesterday)EvaT8275
Research Writeup- Hormone Replacement Therapy and TransitionCityLitLena1102
Dumping spiro completely? Thoughts on HRT without antiandrogens?Idaliaylix211175
Beginning HRT at 17fleurgirl6202
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