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Beginning a Journey, Learning the Way Ayla Grant382
What is your genderfluid routine?Batrachiarch196
Becoming meJessica_Rose3197
Life is starting to move forward again!gwencook5306
My dog got ran over at 11 pm on 11/23/17PeterSteele6226
My girlfriend’s voice is deeper than mine.PeterSteele3246
Best age to start testosterone? PeterSteele10755
What’s the youngest age you can start testosterone in Texas?PeterSteele3203
Which jeans do I look better in? (FTM)PeterSteele17562
Parents forced me on birth control (2 months on it so far)PeterSteele8530
Does Peter fit me as a name?PeterSteele17748
Would it be not worth it to transition when I’m older?PeterSteele15595
Reasons why I dislike my school PeterSteele7505
Forced to go on birth control PeterSteele331216
My life now (Haven't been on here in almost a year) PeterSteele7361
Hitomi: Lost in Manboo Wild Flower0729
Having a bad nightSlateRDays4905
Family Issue PeterSteele112179
What can I do to make my Grandfather stop?PeterSteele61097
Hormones unbalanced. Good for me. Bad for others.PeterSteele31083
FTM Life Advice?Wesley Cole91267
Would a Surgeon allow an 8 inch Phalloplasty?PeterSteele203718
Is it likely I will change my mind with transitioning?PeterSteele4805
Deep PollPeterSteele13932
What age can I get my Birth and Middle name and gender changed?PeterSteele4696
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