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Can't Decide if I Should Change My Name or NotHaz7299
MTF Androgyny?Allie2419634
Stopping Testosterone, question about weight change?toxicmetalexpo5505
Nonbinary and stopping testosterone after top surgery?toxicmetalexpo6586
Raising children without gender in SwedenRaell0175
Advice for HRT?RomanViscera3220
I'm Really ConfusedGraysonIsVeryConfused4293
Being transgender like buying a new Nissan SUV..suddenly you see them everywhereRaell1345
Pre-T Freakoutraffic4505
Changing your point of view to ease your dysphoria?BlueAlien1310
SB 179 "Gender Recognition Act" still could pass in CA!!!ephemeral_eli0368
Socal Kaiser Permanente Transgender Carecinderkaburagi7936
Questions about Transgender/ NonbinaryShirley/Adam2332
Facial Hair Transplant - (FTM) Insurance coverage?delzebub2661
New heremodifiednaasac2473
definitely real yet probably not eggbun3749
A thought helped me feel validated as genderqueer. Can any others relate?impossibleghost2758
Binding and chest numbness?Kacchon41043
Non binary rle and surgery options?Kacchon71157
Being misgendered at workKabukikid71635
Denial issuesrockedblack61506
I dont know if Im really trans? (FTM)Z21067
Quick 10 minute survey for my dissertationzellybean183179
Buying binders online?amberluna3759
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