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Newer BBC brain sex quiz (quite short)MaryT184
Anxiety over v-ectomySeptagonScars5234
Seeking Advice - Intimacy with the BFTiLiJay879456
Took a break from the site... somewhat back? UpdatesMichelleZelda0158
Had a dream where i accepted my penis.iamthatiam80162
Orgasm change on T?PurpleWolf4363
Guys: Have you been with a cis guy?PurpleWolf9466
Poll: How do you identify? Ftm, Mtf, or...?PurpleWolf281083
Poll: Do you have bottom dysphoria?PurpleWolf21980
Sex life & dick growth while on TPurpleWolf181194
Does HRT ever make the opposite sex act strangely?MaryT181115
Can I change my sex on legal documents in a different state?minluse13574
Am I trans? - lost my virginityAlex1588111903
Could I be asexual?itschristina91422
Anal sex for beginners !Charlottecduk11306
Post-Op SensationIkiryo123392
SRS on the NHS pictures and questions?vanessa.oreilly31708
My Girlfriend is Post op and i have several questions...saucydarkmatter104712
help with understanding sexual response pre / post opSadieBlake61580
I don't know what to dowilliamspace151413
Trans woman struggling with loss of sexual appetite for her wifemidnightdancer21010
How do I let him love me?Charlotte249431155
Transex perspective on orgasmAkilasena216190
Best packer for sex?Auryn22040
Reelmagik, flaccid or flex rod for sex?NoahL44352
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