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Name and Sex Change in Ontario CanadaOpheliaDL4143
Things transitioning didn't change after all?PurpleWolf16590
Does Peter fit me as a name?PeterSteele17879
New Hair, Better Me!Quinn_Elizabeth3421
What’s next?silvertime4397
Completing the name change paperwork???dre_moe1704
My name is Kyra and I'm a health coachViolentAurora2761
Would a Surgeon allow an 8 inch Phalloplasty?PeterSteele204373
Where can I get Estrogen Blockers in Texas?PeterSteele3848
Is it likely I will change my mind with transitioning?PeterSteele4950
Can I change my full name to this?PeterSteele61082
What age can I get my Birth and Middle name and gender changed?PeterSteele4815
Filed my name and gender change with the court + more wonderful stuff! (pics)Shawn Sunshine91369
UK-Specific Name Change: Can I have two surnames?KongBeta1894
Changing Gender Marker on License in MinnesotaCueParadise4707
FtM ring sizes Mysteryman1540
California Name Change HelpMr.Hayden4515
This is what I look like,raw,showered and no makeup. Help me get a look please!Shawn Sunshine144008
Not new here, just someone differentscarboroughfair2015342579
Take Action!!! Be a Part of the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey!!serenityfaith428396
Name change in TexasMadeline1825852
Music and TransitionThePersona1812
What a great day!JJarmon21079
Your change and your pets Mysteryman121687
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