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Questions about my eventual MtF transition - I'm new to this, helpHighDefinition-Dragoness11432
Estrogen Pelletsds19872170
Estradiol in the 1000's... Good or bad?ashw7365
Does Estrogen Build Muscle?Asakawa14529
Male to "hermaphrodite" Update and revelationshermaphrodite-dragon291996
Estradiol LevelsBrandyHanley4169
Male to "hermaphrodite" suggestions and helphermaphrodite-dragon16631
Hormone Pellets instead of Pills or Injections?Quinn_Elizabeth431740
When did you start recognizing yourself in the mirror (on hormones)?PurpleWolf16739
started hormones back in september...just not the right oneshauntpsych3256
My estrogen levels are droppingmikidiki231277
Whither Moobs?MsAllannah1!9777
Taking Hormones But Not TransitioningMsAllannah1!362743
Excessive estrogen in men. Need help.naveencg4630
1 Month !!!MonaBlaire3439
Does shoe size really shrink on estrogen?wilough223280
Growing hair out?Lily_james1333094
How long will it take to get on HRT?Lily_james1152891
HRT - Breast Growth - Size & Shape Questions - "Cone Shape Boobs"Emmy72120
Preparing and What to Expect from HRTMihoko61622
Estrogen effects on muscle mass?Lily_james1233659
HRT hunger?pastelpunk122183
Estrogen effects on Bladder sizeSammyGirl3939
Estrogen Hormone going to be forced to a FTM? PeterSteele143503
Hypochondriac on Estrogen Looking for ReassuranceShell Dae162556
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