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Does Vulvoplasty Require Hair Removal?Violet11294
Electrolysis - preventing the red bumps Karen19707
Question about hair removalVeronica S.6334
Thin/Invisible Facial Hair - Will Laser get rid of it?nightingale954266
The Journey begins w/Dr Geoffrey Stiller #July11th Seattlite0165
Beard Removal 100-300Hrs=12k USD OR Full Electrologist Cert + Machine = 12k USDAsakawa4225
Do you still need to shave your face? Transfused15409
Electrolysis ScarringOpheliaDL0207
Transgender Friendly SalonBareBellaBeauty0305
Electrolysis upper lip killing me !Rachel4now264350
Started Electrolysis TodayChristine1151188
Advice from a wife on how to not blow up your marriageCailan Jade9317423
Electrolysis CPT Codesarahla163478
Review of Advanced Center for Electrolysis, Laser & Skin - Cedar Rapids, Iowaainsley0668
GRS/SRS/GCS Pre-operative Electrolysis Hair Removal Lidocaine Anaesthetic Injectkitten_lover102448
How to Get Electrolysis for GCS Approval from BlueShield CAsarahla92578
Pre-Op Genital Electrolysis-My ExperienceAutumnLeaves2789
How long do you wait to shave after an electrolysis session?Camouflage93980
I think what I really need is some "Girl Time"ElizabethK132143
electrolysis on abdomen (belly) - how would you rate the pain?Carri F4967
Beard removal with galvanic electrolysis?Camouflage51799
High Volume Electrolysis at the Zukowski Center in ChicagoMarina32521242
Multi Hour Electrolysis Sessions where can I go....ElizabethK4958
Starting electrolysisJerrica181932
Genital electrolysis for SRScaitlynjconklin295914
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