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How do you deal with your extended family and family friends?galayogeda4167
Family and Using the wrong name plus surgery wait times.LaurenSparkle7215
I re-came out to my parentsOneDayIWillBeMe1125
How to convince my parents T isnt dangerousOneDayIWillBeMe3206
I need advice on how to talk to my parents about being transgenderOneDayIWillBeMe4163
I just came out to my dadSinead5377
My parents accept me, but still get upsetShortMan3393371
Do you have supportive family members?PurpleWolf311306
Were you made to conform as a child?PurpleWolf562332
Bit of an upsetting thing...Randi Just Is1389
Transgender Animeazarath990421
T-1 month until 18th birthday. Freaking outazarath991491
dealing with supportive but not accepting parents and connections with autismbexxyab3269
Forced to go on birth control PeterSteele331561
I need help with somethingrhyfedd51120
How to tell parents Im transgender?Lily_james1142410
Unsure whether my relationship with my parents is worth transition Harry_1102466
Parents of TransgendersSoWeAre2504
(PLEASE REPLY) What are my options?redhot17861
I have never been so divided on a decision before, and I need advicekabumbo81948
Femme FTM, recently out, need some help/a sanity checkbobbobmalcom71862
Books for parents and any other resource Hailey zy0577
Need advice/help for beginning HRTValerie_69661684
This Is Why I Have ProblemsAzeri6692
Living with parents, how do I seek a therapist?redhot15848
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