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Need help with finding an "androgynous" haircut samsonavery9249
Anybody know of any jobs that are trans-friendly?Frazer8266
what can i do?virtualverny1155
My (former)best friend was cool when I came out, now he's an alt right extremistFrazer6414
How to Disclose without Disclosing?nightingale952120
my mum said something horrible to me and i can't stop thinking about itvirtualverny4369
i got a phone call and it was awful.virtualverny4342
What is Internalized Transphobia?nightingale9517393
Do you confess having internalized transphobia?PurpleWolf8415
The Silence of the Lambs... Is It Transphobic?Allie24411665
Homophobic/Transphobic/Racist Memes Shared By Former Friends & RelativesWarGrowlmon199031349
Things cis people do that hurt me everydayjossam313817
I am incredibly angry !!! Mad !!!RobertM2702
This lawmaker thought he was in the presence of a transgender woman.....enigma4861
Transgender in Trinidad and TobagoiKate12582
Am I a Bad Daughter?Jelly-Bean83833
Venturing outside the bubble (Long)Squirrel6984664
I love my Mom but aughoughaoihghh >:ILucas_Sama152623
Petition: End Transphobia on The Daily Show and The Colbert ReportAnde397022
Kohat warning: Militants rough up transgender guru, spark exodusMadelineB11180
Students back fired transgender Queens teacherMadelineB71922
Special Reports: Transgender groups fear violent protestsMadelineB01006
Op-ed: How TV's CSI Is Screwing Us AgainMadelineB11438
If it looks/walks/swims/quacks like a duck...ydgmdlu82910
Do Non-Discrimination Policies Justify Transgender Perversion?MadelineB51975
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