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A Few HRT Related Questions for you Fine Folkswildcat20839304
Has Brassard re-opened yetErika_6399
Finally getting the moneyIdontknowbutiwould4281
The stigma of being trans, does dysphoria last a lifetime?Idontknowbutiwould9338
I want to die. Missing a guy, wanting surgeriesIdontknowbutiwould8394
Does GenderGP prescribe micronized progesterone?EmmaYui5256
I'm on my way forward.Erika_8404
I really hate being trans. Erika_26957 there anyone out there?Nymlee7275
Hello, new hereLiam Eric17567
Co-Op strawberries ad causes Mumsnet boycottMaryT2228
Iya boyosJupiterT84201
I always cry when someone offends me Hammymrz3259
Newbie, hijet_silver8305
"when being a woman or feminine is miserable: the fears of transitioning or not"Undead Cat4686
To bind or not to bind ?Undead Cat0239
Girlfriend of trans guy in need of someone to talk toStarburst151144
Mtf hrt face asymmetry.EmmaYui2277
My face skin become allergic to sun after HRT Hammymrz4234
Why is my boy odor came back after switching to Androcur ( cyproterone acetate )Hammymrz2254
Been a long timeavery1233134
Been a long time, and a lot of progress (ftm)avery1234480
Hello, I had sex change surgery on February 18.qiaoyimeng4521
Does GenderGP prescribe stronger dosages? MTFEmmaYui3356
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