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Tracheal Shavegracefulhat13179
Freaking out! Help me please!Undecided24180
How Honest are Trans-Specific FFS Surgeons?nightingale9532948
questions I should Boston Medical GCS surgeon (or that you wished you asked)transgirl347189
Non-surgical Browlift?nightingale955175
Interesting ProspectKittyKat7341
Chin surgery Blue1304311
I want a vagina most but not all of the time, no genital dysphoriaLeahJoFoxtrot421564
Why can’t you get penis lengthinf/enlarging surgery after Metoidioplasty?Kadenconrad3282
Consultation:about surgery at Yeson Voice Center to'people what are singers and teo13395
Post op FTM Top Surgery : graft failure?shiraz264307
(MTF) SRS scheduled in a month with Dr. Crane...have I chosen the right surgeon?luminous1012285
AZ SurgeriesDawnOday7262
Saving money for surgical hair transplantsGalyo7259
Starting T soon after top surgery!!?eligeli096
FtM Travel Insurance for Top Surgery in USA (from UK)MattH088
Beginning a Journey, Learning the Way Ayla Grant3116
Ever considered DIY vaginoplasty?Lady Sarah25676
Will I need FFS on my brow bossing?OpheliaDL5217
Waking up with blood 3 & 1/2 weeks Post-Op SRSPostOpGirl20175414
Labia Minorasarahla4503
Poll: Do you have bottom dysphoria?PurpleWolf21982
Sex reassignment surgery in European Unionlosteli5821
GRS Recovery Timeline & Expectationsmissmorganlang3555
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