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Waking up with blood 3 & 1/2 weeks Post-Op SRSPostOpGirl20175197
Labia Minorasarahla4284
Poll: Do you have bottom dysphoria?PurpleWolf21591
Sex reassignment surgery in European Unionlosteli5500
GRS Recovery Timeline & Expectationsmissmorganlang3364
Second Trachea Shave SuggestionsEmmaAGBonano1158
hysterectomy and avoid coming out as trans?madhatter13515
My journey to FACIALTEAM and Jenny's Nest for FFS in Spain...Ashley3251484
the nurse for your surgery...sfbarbie3296
thanks for accepting me again ;-)HelloKitty3318
second FFS ... would you like to share some info HelloKitty291427
Surgery Dilemma raffic11646
GRS revisionsarafsmith1404
Does anyone have any input on Lazaro Cardenas (Specifics Inside)?OnePunchRoxanne7311
What to Expect For a ConsultContravene3416
Feeling scaredKing_God_And_Country261971
Need help finding a US SRS surgeon!EliseGalea12904
Time off from job for surgery averagejoe15538
3 weeks post op & traveling home.ARIA FAYE3675
Yeson post op adviceVictoria5624
My GCS With Dr. Schaff (Germany) – 5th of July 2017LiliFee121203
Dr. Leis at TC of Philidelphia and general Phalloplasty/junk questionsjleary214686
Gender Confirming Surgery, insurance and other questionsMatildeEne3632
Looking on feedback re: surgeonsRazelle3785
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