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Newer BBC brain sex quiz (quite short)MaryT184
Keeping my birth name?Sinead12281
When did you start presenting your desired gender?Sinead291059
What triggers your Gender Dysphoria?Sinead411188
What’s Northumberland Gender Identity Clinic (UK) like for MTF?Sinead0152
Trans - Fetish or Gender Preference (Opinions Needed)The_SeeJay211004
Insight you gained to the relationship of hormones & human behavior?PurpleWolf15490
Nb: How do you experience your gender?PurpleWolf21954
Which is worse for you: social or body dysphoria?PurpleWolf30737
Poll: How do you identify? Ftm, Mtf, or...?PurpleWolf281083
How would I go about seeing a gender therapist? (UK)NinaW15600
Were you 100% sure? Can you be 100% sure?NinaW331161
I am questioning my gender and sexualityRiv3n91025
Completing the name change paperwork???dre_moe1704
"Sex Redefined" from Nature News and CommentMissGendered2940
a plea for HELPuser1989131490
FFL QuestionRose City Rose61490
Have you heard stories where cis-people believed they were transsexual?Sebby Michelango376006
Body or soul -- which part is trans?Virginia Hall21046
Estrogen Hormone going to be forced to a FTM? PeterSteele143309
How can I be sure I'm trans?whatismylife199982318
Definition of Gender DiverseGwen Rhydderch62341
Am I just suffering from OCD or am I really transgender? confusionhauntsme61698
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