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Trans - Fetish or Gender Preference (Opinions Needed)The_SeeJay12481
Insight you gained to the relationship of hormones & human behavior?PurpleWolf15356
Nb: How do you experience your gender?PurpleWolf17532
Which is worse for you: social or body dysphoria?PurpleWolf6134
Poll: How do you identify? Ftm, Mtf, or...?PurpleWolf28778
How would I go about seeing a gender therapist? (UK)NinaW11328
Were you 100% sure? Can you be 100% sure?NinaW33897
I am questioning my gender and sexualityRiv3n9779
Completing the name change paperwork???dre_moe1597
"Sex Redefined" from Nature News and CommentMissGendered2689
a plea for HELPuser198913953
FFL QuestionRose City Rose61055
Have you heard stories where cis-people believed they were transsexual?Sebby Michelango374537
Body or soul -- which part is trans?Virginia Hall2875
Estrogen Hormone going to be forced to a FTM? PeterSteele142557
How can I be sure I'm trans?whatismylife199981654
Definition of Gender DiverseGwen Rhydderch61978
Am I just suffering from OCD or am I really transgender? confusionhauntsme61357
What is your dream height?PeterSteele181923
What are some good Gender Therapists to go to in Texas?PeterSteele3620
Would a Surgeon allow an 8 inch Phalloplasty?PeterSteele203298
What does Testosterone do to your hair?PeterSteele101535
Hi everyone!popa9107650
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