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I thought it had gone (adult content mentioned)gwencook25880
What triggers your Gender Dysphoria?Sinead411580
What’s Northumberland Gender Identity Clinic (UK) like for MTF?Sinead0179
Explaining Non-Binary Identity to People that Don't UnderstandTrashGoblin13594
Poll: How do you identify? Ftm, Mtf, or...?PurpleWolf281214
How would I go about seeing a gender therapist? (UK)NinaW15729
[TRIGGERING] Writing down, trying to get it right...manila131975
[MTF] "I discovered to be a girl": was it like this, for you?manila111397
A thought helped me feel validated as genderqueer. Can any others relate?impossibleghost2925
Can I change my full name to this?PeterSteele61129
What age can I get my Birth and Middle name and gender changed?PeterSteele4841
How many people on this board have tried to erase their old identities?MichelleZelda13852
Time I sorted this out!Amanda Gold7723
Identifying myselfLady Smith71004
Gender identity.Equestriaghoul2622
Transgender ConfusionMichael17152851
Poorly defined gender identity?Rose City Rose121068
Just my rotten luckandrogynouspainter26101314
Another one of us desperately needing adviceannapattitg37111395
Here is the real me! My new nickname and current picture!ShawnTOShawnna61716
That's a load of crap! *Dr. Phil Voice My 2 sessions of Therapy were not helpfulShawnTOShawnna11149
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