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Alison from Australiaalisons8181
I need help please urgently, please!mortiis3419579
Well hello there SPers.prudence1130
Facial Team Spain costs + recoveryvayliralismore51215
Hello from Tamworth, AustraliaJamieLee13536
Dual Citizenship Gender and Name Change (Australia and England)ConArtist9466
Long hiatus once again, and HUGE HELP needed, please!mortiis342450
Hello, 17 y/o FTM from AustraliaMoneyless142045
Hi from AustraliaGrace_uz171284
Top Surgery in Australia. Step one.Tripdistrans112812
11th day on HRT feeling confused and a bit depressedbamar86122590
top surgery in Australia and health insuranceKoryan12881
Australian HRT Sarah leah5939
Trachea shave in Australia?cynths42425
Move over busker - Street dummer in Sydney, AustraliaJamie D0796
Young Womens group starting in Sydney, Auscynths233240
I am feeling a tad confused like I won the lottery, and yet somewhat terrified!!Sarah leah698411
How to begin HRT in South AustraliaSarah leah72164
Aussie girls...stand and be counted! Huzzah!!Grace_C21223418
HRT and hormone blockers u/18 in Vic, Australia. Help.Nick9743034
Transgender Day of Rememberance, Sydney, Australiacynths92338
Therapist in SydneyAndria2771
how much does it cost to transition in australia?veltiro59908
where to buy shoes/wigs etc (Australia)nudeox01469
Welcome from Melbourne, Australiamortiis3471242
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