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Advice needed, I have no idea if I'm trans or notDaisy71311224
Questioning-am I'm I lying to myself Mofosho12388
Coming out to my Father and His Wife (not my mother)Jessies_Girl1150
I started finding little clues here and there but never crossed my mind....Mindfukd19599
Transitioning without transitioning. Any advice?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans7424
HRT in northern michigan?MariaCampbell4203
Hello, new on this site.warrenm6319
Feeling scaredKing_God_And_Country261953
Employment Search MayhemDiedrichH0199
I feel like my situation may be unusual...GameDame2291
Any advice on picking a name?GameDame181376
Starting T soon!... Advice.NoblesH2487
Testosterone and Smoking AlternativesRayonTrees4545
FTM metaiodioplasty: Having doubts about Dr. Brassard and his team - advice??Devinster2489
Advice on getting top surgery given my situation?puddleowl5814
Are these legit concerns about a TLH?Rabbit272593
has anyone transitioned after HRT has taken full affect?VenessaKyle252529
Breasts really sore from binding?andio71100
Need Helpful Advice (FTM acceptance and passing)QuentinE6809
Therapy and HRT in Small Townschaancee7684
supposed to transition at school in two weeks time but I'm full of self doubtTryingthenamealec8762
advice on boys?yuckiie2855
scared about transitioning and now questioning my genderTryingthenamealec1587
Advice Neededtheophobia4414
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