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Why is my boy odor came back after switching to Androcur ( cyproterone acetate )Hammymrz2140
Does GenderGP prescribe stronger dosages? MTFEmmaYui3166
HIV testing: do you need to declare?Sour0064231
I need some help any advice would be nice Male to FemaleFantasiart2242
Hi, im looking for some MTF HRT advice.EmmaYui14673
Hello everyone - and advice wanted please regarding Revision Surgerylifeishard6287
How to convince my parents T isnt dangerousOneDayIWillBeMe3282
I need advice on how to talk to my parents about being transgenderOneDayIWillBeMe4235
10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Top Surgerymc12998998
Desperately need help / advice samsonavery2191
Advice please?Nikkixo4452
Seeking Thoughts About A Name I'm QuestioningSam3149395
Should I stay or Should I go? Advice requested.Doreen4509
Related to "content warnings"?VeronicaS10012226
Seeking understandingDotus235519
Beginning a Journey, Learning the Way Ayla Grant3239
Acting and appearanceDaisy7134337
Advice needed, I have no idea if I'm trans or notDaisy71311539
Questioning-am I'm I lying to myself Mofosho12728
Coming out to my Father and His Wife (not my mother)Jessies_Girl1368
I started finding little clues here and there but never crossed my mind....Mindfukd191133
Transitioning without transitioning. Any advice?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans71040
HRT in northern michigan?MariaCampbell4719
Hello, new on this site.warrenm6523
Employment Search MayhemDiedrichH0373
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