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Medroxyprogesterone been on it two years. Is it increasing my testosterone?servantofpan3159
Is this a normal thing for an endocrinologist to do? Case3920762
Dr. John O'Dea Experiences/His "Pink Panther" Hormone CocktailMsAllannah1!402021
Trans Friendly Endocrinologist/Therapist in Hong Kongnaomi623438934
Can anyone recommend an Endo in Chattanooga?Haruna4696
non-conservative endo in London area needed, can anyone help?melanie0566
FTM First Endocrinologist Visit?skyheff73328
Does Cigna Cover HRT and related expenses?vanderpn55084
FTM - Costs of Endo & HRT without Insurancevanderpn53742
Are Estrogen Blockers even worth it for young FTMs?PeterSteele132289
Is over the counter Estrogen Blockers good?PeterSteele81953
Estrogen Blockers QuestionPeterSteele1595
June appointment/Fear/endroMidnightstar11793
New endo leaving his practice, now what?KevinSeven6806
Need recommendations for endocrinologists in the Central Phoenix areaseventeenblack0559
Endocrinologist in Bangalore Indiaannietsin62174
Endocrinologists in Orange County?Jessica0712008
endocrinologist recommendations for Los Angelespose0070701
Preferred method?LittleEmily24192656
Details to get HRT after letter?gabethepokemon51305
First endo appointment: can you guys give me some advice pls?Mosaic dude35783
How Norman Spack transformed the way we treat transgender childrenMadelineB01573
Urologist and Endocrinologist Tests and ConcernsShawnTOShawnna166199
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