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New and very rawEmma10179230
i got a phone call and it was awful.virtualverny4257
Crazy over this woman. How to tell her I'm trans...?PraetorianRhapsody8376
Why is it so hard to see myself the way others see me?Allie245347
Dream Date Discussiontransguymac431437
Love stinks!transguymac8434
I am questioning my gender and sexualityRiv3n9928
Dating feels impossibleSophia Sentiment8813
Relationship help.Bzjames19892735
Insecurities when dating as a trans woman ThatgirlisNena51276
How do couples with one or more transitioning relate to each other?Raell2653
definitely real yet probably not eggbun3859
Struggling with loneliness, isolation and ERPassionflower81934
Coming out to girlfriend? Rodgersl3161177
to BE the man, or to be WITH the man.. (Transitioning confusion.)delzebub91997
This Is Why I Have ProblemsAzeri6636
Jeb Bush talks about his foreign brideMauryStalk2574
Feeling male inadequacies because I'm FTMwolfduality71533
Mom found my profile on here, it didn't go wellwolfduality143200
Kids!!! relationships and starting families after transition?Jo-is-amazing3530
Best Transgender books you've read or would recommend readingBreezyB6611293
Surviving My Broken Heart~Possable TriggerPhyliciaraine4986
Any other transguys end up with transwomen?Riot Wild283596
I'm FTM and my girlfriend is confused about her sexualityjordanjames41529
Now My girlfriend knows!Keely Mcbain51016
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