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Body fat issues, Body fat distribution IBasicallyLiveOnTheWeb2101
LGBTQ Psychology resourcesYeti154
What is the cut off age to being considered a “transgender youth”?nightingale952120
Sounds stupid, but if I'm still a minor and growing, what will T do to my bones?ShortMan3392236
Do you feel younger after transition?PurpleWolf23684
Anyone here go through the GENECIS program?ShortMan3390167
Wanting to start transitioning but, then few weeks later second guessing?PeterSteele14655
Transgender Animeazarath990280
T-1 month until 18th birthday. Freaking outazarath991319
Thoughts on going stealth as a yp and talking to trans kids about transition?PizzaPie2958
When should I transition? And should I?Phobe12343891
World Premiere: Orchestral music, dedicated to Leelah & all trans* childrenHalcyon82112
Coming Out to FamilyIrishPotato2811
Help out a youth ftm?Xylin2295
Facial dysphoriaIrishPotato2714
Are there many young trans?roseyfox14620626
Outted and confusedIrishPotato2264
ftm trans questions. help?drgons11017
FTM pre-T, dealing with body shape, any ideas/help?Hecknado51883
Coming Out to familyIrishPotato31075
Miley Cyrus Launches Anti-Homelessness, Pro-LGBT ‘Happy Hippie Foundation’iKate4802
How to fit in with the other guys?eli82826802
How to ask my mom for a boy puberty book?eli82823669
Believe to be transsexual, still have questionsMortified_Penguin134100
13 - 15 July 2012 - Summer Retreat In The Maine WoodsMadelineB01102
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