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FtM workout regimen? Outpostt313113
Long time, no post...Wish it was better news, but I just need to vent.transguymac5259
Any non transitioners here? Mordekai fly4301
Getting taller on Ttransguymac9496
NAMES! How'd you choose / what are you going through trying to choose?transguymac601584
Hello everyoneCaduti_Corvo1323
Disappointed and suicidal.TBoyLogan6779
I really don't see a reason not to kill my self FtMtrash131086
My fiance came out to me and I don't know what to do (lesbian, ftm)notramonaflowers61599
Aunt now UncleBrotinn1441
Hair loss?Nathanos81732
Testosterone and severe cramping?Nathanos94303
Dr Javad Sajan? groudon1842372
I don't know if I'm transsexual/transgender... Can anyone relate?Orlando71564
Coming Out to FamilyIrishPotato2717
hormone blockers?animalover90670
I'm very confused, again, for the millionth time. Help?animalover9151054
Not so sure about my name choice, anymoreReubenIsTheName16895
Hey Guys! A Little About Meryndrew4804
**** Dating advice, tips, stories, experiences for FTM transmale?alessandrog118851
Need to find myself, Please Help!ReggaeWeirdo61232
Dating with in the Trans community Lana P7010226
HRT and hormone blockers u/18 in Vic, Australia. Help.Nick9742858
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