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When you are a 6'5" transgender woman and there are 2 cis women taller than youenigma3306
Early HRT Euphoria? Another (positive) report on HRT.Claire Grey20552
Does shoe size really shrink on estrogen?wilough222493
Is it possible for HRT to start working SO soon?itschristina3725
Dating feels impossibleSophia Sentiment8902
I am scared to date being Trans!Babygirl9641082
If husband transitions, how do you go dancing?Raell6939
How do couples with one or more transitioning relate to each other?Raell2753
Need assistance with employment experiences both good and badkarenpayneoregon122614
Hypochondriac on Estrogen Looking for ReassuranceShell Dae162502
Decided to go back to school as a transgender womanBrittanyNicole61417
2016 South Bay Trans Day of Visibilityluanneph02212
I am new hereluanneph71144
MaletoFemale and going through a Gender Queer transition ? MtFGenderQueer31270
Update!! (With pictures) :PSophie Hannah Alexis51072
hello from the Philippines...transwomanph2582
Physical changes earlier than anticipated?DangerousKIRA52175
how much does it cost to transition in australia?veltiro510547
My parents told me it's just a phase and that I'm male. I feel that it is not.veltiro42898
will i have to date men if i want doctors to let me transitionveltiro315366
Foods high in oestrogen?veltiro61511
marriage for transwomen in australiaveltiro21243
I want to be a girl so bad I am considering suicideveltiro2317390
Sweden- Court rejects transgender rape acquittalSandraJane1917
UPDATE/Rapist acquitted in Sweden because intended female victim turned out SandraJane133607
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