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Being trans is ruining and both saving my life at the same time.ellijelly2146
So Confused!madison_b11413
Am I really trans? (FTM) Mitenka111018
Questioning gender identity, any thoughts?Unsocialist6299
Questioning-am I'm I lying to myself Mofosho12581
Back again - now with 100% more fluidityBT046377
How would I go about seeing a gender therapist? (UK)NinaW15694
Can a tall person pass after transitioning? (MTF)vetra463934
Guess! My! Gender!lazerlylizzy3528
I feel like I don't know myself anymoreRikez4470
Why is gender so complicated?IGotIssues3457
help FTM questioning? franksriracha61142
I think I might be trans? Please help me try to figure this outperoxideprince4543
Just opening up...CrziCricket5816
I think I'm FTM and I'm depressed.CorporalFire61539
My brain is such a mess I'm so confusedzincoff81132
Am I trans enough to transition?Alex158871321
Have you heard stories where cis-people believed they were transsexual?Sebby Michelango376177
New mom hereHappyHour112212
I think I might be a trans-girl...PrincessCrystal81044
Questioning whether I might be trans?insolite5990
First stepsJust_M343523
Hi, I'm new and I have questions about myself...Just_M91040
When should you see a gender therapist?bluebird42129
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