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Dysphoria Side Effectsviolentabyss2159
You MUST Have Dysphoria (looking for opinions on this, please provide)Sam31418494
FTM Hormone Therapy Janus (he/they)4253
When We Try....🕊 Toni O0122
Got an Attitude?Toni O4226
LabelsToni O2193
Gender Dysphoria... When it starts to get better.....Toni O16721
Kind of LostZoe237351
I trigger my FtM boyfriend's dysphoriaForeverhopeful41228
Gender Dysphoria after seeing a pregnant woman today. I want to give up/die.BlackBird1995540
6 appointments with gender therapist- gate keeping? christinemiller75141380
TRIGGER WARNING! How do you cope with your monthly guests? (FTM)Sebby Michelango273332
Venting sorry...PeterSteele61005
If Gender Dysphoria was a person, how would you treat them then?Sebby Michelango61416
Is this the sound of gender dysphoria? [TRIGGERING]manila31109
Coming Outltronven6400
How do you cope with showering, gender dysphoria?Sebby Michelango255153
Loneliness and Suicidal Tendencies in Trans Womenamani1622
Fleshmrs izzy0642
Gender Dysphoria and Body Dysmorphia HolyHotCakes63090
Would you say I'm atypical Gender Dysphoric?BreezyB614577
Did you embrace your femininity when you hit puberty?wolfduality416574
My Theory on GD and just trying to make sense of it allbobowhoa202426
Reminder that, despite being so fem/pretty, we still deem you a BLOKE.boddi185277
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